The following farm-based education programs are available for schools, families, and  youth groups. Specialized workshops are also available upon request.

Sow to Grow (Spring Session) - This is a three visit program provided to schools. Learning is by doing! Program includes seeding, transplanting, harvesting and salad making. This can be tailored to a one visit activity for other groups. This program is generally for grades 4 - 8.

Seed Saving (Fall & Winter) - This program can be performed on-site or our farm educators can bring the program to your school. Learn how to process harvested seed over the winter or explore the farm and harvest seeds right from the flowers in the fall. This program is generally for grades 4 - 8.

What's the Buzz? All about Bees - Visit our hives and talk with beekeepers and our farmers about the importance of these productive insects. This program is appropriate for ages 7 through adult.

Composting, Tending and Cultivating Healthy Plants - Meet our compost expert and learn why the earthworm is the farmer's best friend and why compost is called "black gold".

Nature Art: Art on the Farm / Painting  - Activities include but are not limited to mosaic making, crafting "bug hotels", making natural dyes for fabric and tee shirts, and pressing herbs, flowers and leaves for cards.

Herbology - Visit our herb garden and learn about herbs and their special properties.

Bugs - Explore the work of insects as they live with our plants. Build a "bug hotel", and explore how they keep the plants healthy.

Adult Education - Enjoy an En Plein Air day of painting or art sketching at the farm and create an art journal of nature observations. (No experience is necessary.)

Other  - Specialized workshops are available upon request.


Scout Programs & Awards

Crossroads Farm is a Program Partner with the Girl Scouts of Nassau County and offers the following programs. We also work with the Boy Scouts and can customize programs to fit any Girl Scout or Boy Scout troop needs. 

Programs run for 90 minutes to 2 hours.

Daisy - Petal_edited.png
daisy -MTWABP_edited.png


Use Resources Wisely Petal - Your visit will include a walk around the farm with Clover as our guide. On our walk we will have the opportunity to witness our resident bees working their magic. We will talk about how important bees are and how to help bees in your community.  Round out your visit with an art project.

Make the World a Better Place Petal - Your visit will include a walk around the farm with Rose as our guide. Girls will have an opportunity to build a skit around farm themes of local food production, composting, seed saving, and trash management. Farm work will round out your experience at the farm.



Eco Friend Badge - Spend time exploring and observing the outdoors all while learning how to protect the environment. We will hike the farm and use our observation skills as we learn how to protect nature and the birds and bugs.  Your hike will include the orchard, vegetable beds, herb garden, teaching gardens, and greenhouse. We will stop at our woodpile and discuss the different sizes and conditions of the wood and which ones are best for our campfire.  We will also build and safely put out a campfire while practicing being kind and learning about the special people who work at the farm.

junior gardener badge_edited.png


Gardener Badge - Get ready to dig in the dirt and explore the beauty and innerworkings of a garden. Create a bouquet of fresh flowers, plant a fall crop, learn about the decisions to make when planting vegetables, herbs and flowers.

art apprentice badge_edited.png
tree badge_edited.png


Art Apprentice Badge -  Have you ever wondered where natural dyes come from?  While at Crossroads Farm use plants, herbs and flowers for inspiration to make your own custom dye using natural powered dyes.  Tie-dye fabrics to create your own personal masterpiece.  Sketch/draw or take photos during the process so you can create a photo journal of your experience.

Tree Badge - Dig into the amazing life of trees and what they do for our environment. Identify trees here at the farm, learn about their parts, sketch the trees to start your tree journal. Plant a tree during your visit and learn about what it takes to keep the tree thriving.

Harvest Award_edited.png


Sow What Journey - Learn how our farm feeds and engages our local community. Experience how the farm operates and stays financially healthy. Participate in the hands-on daily chores that are required to keep a farm working and remain certified organic.  Plan your Take Action Project.

CS - Senior and Ambass_edited.png


Community Service Bar - Work alongside our farm staff as you commit to 20 hours of volunteer work during the girl scout year.



Silver or Gold Award Inspiration Tour - Be a seed of change! Visit the farm and learn what we are all about.  Join us in our mission to serve as a model for farm renewal,  community outreach, educational enhancement, activism and environmental awareness.  Our farm staff will partner with you to develop a plan to earn your award.

For more information on booking our Education Programs for your school or organization, contact us at or call Delia, Education Coordinator, at (516) 967-5058