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Crossroads Farm Wish List 

Crossroads Farm is a non-profit organization that greatly appreciates any tax-deductible donations you can provide!


Here are some items that we are in critical need of in order to operate our farm successfully.

Please contact us if you're interested in donating any of the items listed below.





Farm Materials

  • Household funnels

  • Mason jars in various sizes

  • Large dry erase easel with dry erase markers

  • Rubber bands

  • Medium-sized buckets for harvesting flowers

  • Aluminum garbage cans with lids 

  • Brown paper lunch bags for seed saving

  • Certified organic neem oil 

  • Dr. Bronners' Castille soap

  • Tubs for mixing soil

  • Gator or ATV for plowing sidewalks

  • Wheelbarrows

  • Ride-on mower ​(?)

  • leaf blower 


Gift cards

  • Home Depot

  • Lowe's 

  • Gasoline


Store Materials

  • Creative Signage - Artists needed

  • Rubbermaid Bins: Lg, Md, Sm

  • Display Baskets: Black Wicker Baskets

  • Signage: Acrylic Holders, Laminator Sheets, Paper, Markers, Tape

  • Exterior Paint

  • Blackboards/Whitboards

  • “Community Board” or “Sponsorship Wall”: Corkboard? Plexiglass Board?

  • Shelving: Lumber, Support

  • New roof for barn (farm store)

  • New roof for Quonset hut (garage)

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