Groundhog Day at the Farm

Last minute change: the Malverne Village Groundhog Day ceremony will be held at Crossroads Farm rather than at the Malverne train station. The festivities will kick off on Monday, February 2nd at 6:30 AM with a performance by the Banjo Rascals. The Groundhog ceremony will begin as scheduled at 7 AM. Following the ceremony, bagels, coffee, hot coider, and hot chocolate will be served. This event is free. A petting zoo will be provided by Andre Ricaud and Crossroads Farm where the animals live. Come for the love -- or just come for the pies!

Kid Goats Rock

Two of our African Pygmy goats, Alice and Bambi, gave birth during the last two weeks, Bambi most recently in the middle of the winter tempest Juno. Each had two babies, giving us four adorable and frolicksome kids. Yup, these kids rock! Alice's babies came first (2 boys), then Bambi had her two during storm Juno, one boy and one girl. These kids need names. We will be holding a baby namimg contest! We will a have winner for each baby gost, Alice's boy 1 and boy 2, and Bambi's girl 1 and girl 2. We will announce the naming contest at the Grouundhog Day on Monday, February 2nd. We also hope to have several of the goats in a pen up by the barn at the Groundhog Day breakfast at the farm,

Groundhog Day at the farm on February 2, 2015 at 8 AM

The first event of the year! We are always excited when this date in early February rolls around! It's winter and it's cold, but the new year is under way. Please come by on Monday 2/2 at 8AM after the Groundhog Day Ceremony at the gazebo at the Malverne train station. There will be bagels, coffee and a petting zoo. If you are interested in learning more about the coming year and volunteering at the farm, you can sign up, speak with current volunteers and staff members, and get a feel for some of the wonderful things we have planned for 2015. The farm thrives on community support and we would love to have you be a part of our family.

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