This week at the farm stand

Back by popular demand: Miss Amy's all Natural Preserves and Sconehead scones. New from Scent Sences, Rose skin water, Florida blossom spray and Arnica cream. Fresh from the farm: Mixed kale, baby broccoli rabe, radishes, micro greens, mint, thyme, sage bouquets, parsley,oregano and lavender. Fresh from the green house: vegetable seedlings; green bell peppers; northern pickling cucumbers, market more cucumbers; toscano kale, dino kale; arugula, thyme; and 7 varieties of tomatoes.

This Week at the Farm Stand

Honey We have local honey from Frickes Apiary in wild flower, clover and honey bears. New this week Hudson Valley seed library art packs, 20 varieties of organic heirloom open pollinated vegetable and flower seeds. There are no hybrids or GMOS. Honest kids organic juice drinks in "Happily ever after", "Goodness grape" and "berry good lemonade". Fresh from the farm: Dino kale, red russian kale, micro greens and lambs quarters. Fresh from our greenhouse: (seedlings) Toscano kale, Dino kale, market more cucumbers, Northern pickling cucumbers, Arugula, King crimson red bell pepper, "Olympus FL" green bell pepper, thyme, oregano and 7 varieties of tomatoes. More store information. We are also o

Irrigation Going Live

FAC member Carl Prizzi and I (with the help of Mike, another volunteer) actually connected drip pipe and pressured up the system today in field 2 over the bio-intensive raised beds. We're in production and we feel pretty good about it. Today we pulled the header pipe out of its shallow trench, drilled holes with the special auger bit, pushed in rubber gaskets, attached valved feeder lines, and connected the 50 foot drip hoses. Things did not go smooghly at first. We kept getting leaks around the gaskets in the PVC pipe. We learned that we needed to drill the pilot holes slightly bigger to avoid excessive pressure on the gaskets. If the fit was too tight, the gaskets were ripping. After a

Crossroads 2015 Farmer's Market

It is finally upon us, our annual farmer's market starts Thursday May 28th from 8am-1pm. It will run every Thursday till November. We are pleased to welcome back some wonderful vendors from last year in addition to several new ones. We are excited to welcome back and introduce: Sconeheads bakery Polka Dot Pound cake Miss Amy's preserves The Big Cheese Our favorite Farmer Carl of Half Hallow farm. All natural handmade soap by susan. Organic Dog Treats by Fur All Dogkind And Beer from Lithology Brewing Co. See you there! Want to become a vendor? Click here.

This Week at the Farm Stand

From our greenhouse: Market more cucumbers, northern pickling cucumbers, "Olympus FL" green bell peppers and 7 varieties of tomato seedlings. Refrigerated items: Yogurt from Maple Hill Creamery in plain and vanilla. Made from organic milk from 100% grass fed cows, Momma O's premium kimchi, Free running brown eggs from Feather ridge farm, Seth's sauerkraut, Rumiano organic cheese in pepper jack, mozzarella and sharp cheddar, Long Island ice tea available in 8 flavors. New Items: Drogheria & Alimentar's all natural persian blue salt, Jovial's Gluten free brown rice pasta & Lundberg, Sweet Dreams dark chocolate rice cakes. Customer favorites: Cookies, crumb cakes and pies from papa's county p

Volunteers Needed for Farm Stand Maintenance & Sign Painting!

We know we have some creative volunteers and plenty of "Do It Yourselfers" who can help us do some painting and repairs in and around the farm stand and in the new volunteer area. We are also looking for those of you with an artistic flair who would like to paint signs that are needed in many areas around the farm. If you are interested in helping out please contact our Farmstand Coordinator - Danielle at and she'll schedule some time to get you helping out as soon as possible. You can work as little or as long as you want, we're always grateful for the help you provide. The farm thrives on community support. We look forward to seeing you soon! Thank you!

Revving Up for Spring

We had a wonderful opening day with record attendance and a good time all around. It's always a joyful and festive kick-off for the new season at the farm. We thank all who helped and everyone in our community for coming out to welcome in the new season. After a symbolic ribbon cutting presided over by Malverne's Mayor McDonald, the afternoon was filled with music, events for the kids, hay rides, animal visits, vendors, and a little food -- and a glass of beer or wine for the adults. But now it's on to farming. The greenhouses are full, the fields are filling up, and the animals are thriving. We had four baby goats born over the winter, and three more kids last week. This week a lamb w

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