This Week at the Farm Stand and Market

The farmer's market is tomorrow (Thursday) at 8 AM. Along with our regular vendors, merchants, and farmers, we will be offering the bounty of Wickham's Fruit Farm: peaches, apples, raspberries, backberries, blueberries, and cantaloupes. Starting next week, we will welcome Wickham's as a regular vendor to the market. Here is a brief video from their farm in Cutchogue on the North Fork. The Verge will be performing at the farm this Saturday at 7:30 PM. This is a free event sponsored by the Village of Malverne.

It's a Bug's Life on Session 4 of Sunshine Days at Crossroads Farm

The fourth and final session of Sunshine Days at Crossroads Farm was all about the bugs and their habitats. Some of today's fun activities included learning a little about our own honeybees, painting egg carton bees, constructing an insect hotel, and making window greenhouses and bird feeders. We certainly enjoyed a most gorgeous last day together outside on the farm! There's always something interesting going on at the farm; so, to start our day, we took a walk around the farm to see what was happening. We checked out all the vegetables we have growing and then paid a visit to the animals. LUCKILY, Suzi (one of our farmers) was in the coop feeding our chickens. She opened up the coop to let

This Week at the Farm Stand and Market

The Crossroads Folk Festival will be held this Sunday, August 16th from 1:30 pm to 8:30 pm, rain or shine! The festival will be featuring artists like Marcie Gellar, Gathering Time, Josh Joffen, Mara Levine, Rorie Kelly, Nancy Sirianni, and Al Murphy. Along with the fantastic folk music you will be able to enjoy a range of vendors selling food, crafts, wine, and local craft beer. It will be great fun for the whole family! Tickets can be purchased in advance for $15 at or purchased at the door for $18. For any questions regarding the festival contact Rick White at (516)-308-1794. Fresh from the farm: This week we are featuring a variety of our own organic prod

Session 3 of Sunshine Days: Food Day!

A little rain never scared away a farm camp! Although there wasn't too much sunshine today, we just moved our fun into the hoop house to stay dry. Our focus today was on food and the importance of local organic farms like Crossroads. We wanted to experience the "farm to table" trend and really understand where our food comes from--and understand that it doesn't just appear in the supermarket. It's an important lesson that we were able to make fun and tasty! To start our rainy day activities, we worked a little bit on our journals. For those who have been in the program since the first session, their journals are getting pretty full. And for our new friends, they were able to start fresh on a

Session 2 of Sunshine Days at Crossroads Farm: Art Day!

Day two of Sunshine Days at Crossroads Farm went off without a hitch! Today was our art themed day and we focused predominantly on the abundant sunflowers we have growing here. The flowers provided immense inspiration for our young artists. Before we began painting, we sat in a circle and had a little discussion about the artistic process. We talked about how many artists get their ideas and creative motivations from the environments around them. This really helped when we went for a walk around the farm before we set up our paints and canvases. Keeping our minds open, the sights and sounds we observed while walking around may have found their way onto our canvases. We also learned some inte

This Week at the Farm Stand and Market

Sunshine Days at Crossroads Farm is currently happening and it isn't too late to join! The next three sessions will occur tomorrow August 6th, Tuesday August 11th, and Thursday August 13th. In order to register for tomorrow, next week, or any individual day, please email or stop by Crossroads Farm to fill out forms and submit your payment. We hope to see you soon! Featured at the farm stand this week: We are featuring assorted natural and organic candies from YumEarth including gummy bears, jelly beans, candy drops, and lollipops. We have a variety of yummy organic Newman's Own sweets like soft raisin cookies, sandwich cookies, fig cookies, licorice candies, and

Farm Fun at First Annual Sunshine Days!

Session one of Sunshine days was a success! Today, our joyful participants took a tour of our organic farm, made their own beautiful garden boxes, had a picnic lunch, and then fed and pet our farm animals. We wouldn't want to toot our own horn, but, the children had A LOT of fun! (...toot toot!) If anyone is still interested in participating, you can still sign up! Come to Crossroads Farm for the forms and submit your payment. Alternatively, you could email to have the forms emailed to you and you can then submit your payment through our paypal portal. Take a look at some of the beautiful garden boxes we made! These are the faces of concentration. The garden box

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