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Crossroads Farm Makes Malverne a Great Place to Live


The Crossroads Farm project at Grossmann's was featured in a New York Times article as one of the reasons why Malverne is a great place to live. Nassau Land Trust is pleased that its work to restore and revive Crossroads Farm is making a positive difference for the residents of Malverne and its surrounding communities. The Crossroads Farm at Grossmann's is an extension of Nassau Land Trust’s mission to protect open space and enhance the quality of life for residents of Nassau County. The farm is hoped to become a regional showpiece displaying the importance of farmland preservation, even in the densely populated suburbs of Nassau County. The restoration and success of Crossroads Farm at Grossmann's is the result of a collaborative effort between Nassau Land Trust and Nassau County. With proceeds from the 2006 Environmental Bond Act, Nassau County purchased the 5-acre farm and Nassau Land Trust, an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, manages, oversees, and provides funding for all the operations at the farm. Nassau Land Trust’s Farm Manager, Rick White, has been working closely with the Crossroads Farm Committee of Nassau Land Trust to ensure that the farm project meets and exceeds the expectations of all those who have loved this farm for decades. Below is a link to the article from the New York Times’ Real Estate Section highlighting the town of Malverne and Crossroads Farm at Grossmann's:

Small Town in Fact and Feeling- Living in Malverne, LI

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