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Apple and Pears

Joe Haley came to visit us at the farm today. Joe is an organic, biodynamic orchardist. He maintains trees upstate at his Swallow Tale Farm, but has recently taken up residence in Malverne, and wants to help us plant an orchard!


Joe has been growing organic apples and pears for many years and has learned the hard way how to get good yields. Joe is offering to donate a small orchard to Crossroads, perhaps 12 trees, a mixture of apple, pear, and asian pear. We will most likely opt for the semi-dwarf varieties.

So look for a new orchard at the farm. We will start it from graft starts and won't see fruit for several years, but what an exciting new dimension to add to our growing profile. One day a few years down the line, our farm community may be able to sample Malverne-grown pears and apples!

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