The Farm CSA Program

CSA: Community Supported Agriculture


Farms have a tough time at the beginning of the season when our expenses are high (we puchase seed, hire help, make repairs, and get ready to grow) and our income is low. CSAs are one mechanism farms use to raise money early in the season. The concept is simple: folks in the community purchase "shares" in the farm output in advance and then receive farm product when it becomes available later on.

Crossroads is no exception. Each year we are faced with signficiant farm start up costs before our store is open. However, out CSA is slightly non-traditional and actually offers more flexibility than the traditional CSA model in which participants purchase fixed shares or boxes and receive regularly scheduled pick-ups throughout the season. In our CSA program, participants purchase coupon booklets for either $50 or $100. with redemption values of $55 and $110 respectively. The coupons are in increments of $2.50 and can be redeemed for most products in our farm store at any time during the same calendar year. You choose when and what you wish to redeem coupons for.

Want to get on board and give the farm a helping hand when we need it most? Click here to buy booklets online or visit the farm store on Easter weekend or on or after 4/25 when we open for the season.

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