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A Prequel to Opening Day at Crossroads Farm- Good Energy!


With a little more than a month away for the official opening day of Crossroads Farm, a group of enthusiastic previous volunteers braved an early spring snowstorm by attending a volunteer open house on Saturday March 21, 2015. The group was introduced to the staff that will take the lead for what promises to be an exciting new season. Judi Consigli and myself are co –coordinators of volunteers and presented some new additions to the volunteer program which are crucial to the functioning of the farm on many levels. A key point is that we intend to act as the “go to” people looking out for volunteers to have the best experience. An example is being able to start volunteering work at early hours especially during the summer heat. Our goal is to find a task niche for everyone who seeks to volunteer.

Stephanie was introduced as the Greenhouse Manager and outlined the future growing plans particularly in the newly constructed hoop house. Rick White who chairs the Farm Advisory Committee also introduced Danielle Phair who will continue as the Farm Stand Coordinator and Abe Korman who will take on the position of Field Manager. Leonore Russell who is administering the farm education program advised everyone of the importance of this program and what a wonderful impact it has on the students, boy scouts and girl scouts. She indicated her need for additional volunteers to continue the success of this program. Also introduced were Brian Lewis Jr. and Carl Prizzi who both serve on the Farm Advisory Committee. They presented an ambitious plan to install a new irrigation system to serve the entire farmland. Brian announced the plan to construct a bathroom kitchen building in 2015 with the need for donations for this project. Charlie Heid and his wife Jessie were introduced as the event coordinators. Charlie announced that volunteers are needed for the Farm Opening Day event performing a variety of assignments. Volunteers should watch for email blasts looking for recruits for the April 25 farm opening.

After all presentations were conducted everyone enjoyed a delicious lunch of pizza and desserts. Some volunteers began to help organize the farm stand which is now going forward as a regular work task prior to farm day opening. Yes, a good time was enjoyed by all as we mixed and mingled exchanging exciting thoughts and ideas for the new farm season at Crossroads Farm. Welcome Aboard to all new volunteers who will be attending future orientations. A big part of volunteering is making new friendships and sharing common interests! The best is yet to come!

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