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This Week at the Farm Stand and Market

Fresh from the farm:

Daikon radish microgreens, garlic scapes and fresh cut lavender, sage, oregano, mint, thyme and catnip.

2015-06-10 17.43.52.jpg

Fresh from the greenhouse: Parsley, lavender, basil, sage,thyme, oregano, dino kale, toscano kale, arugula, market more cucumber, northern pickling cucumber, escarole, shallot, swiss chard and komatsuna seedlings.

2015-06-10 15.42.51.jpg

New to the farm stand:

15 varieties of Gilberties organic herb seedlings.

2015-06-10 15.42.23.jpg

Back by popular demand:

Red and yellow beefsteak tomatoes from Wickhams farm!

2015-06-10 15.38.59.jpg

This week at the farmer's market from Sep's Family Farm:

Lettuce, zucchini, spinach, strawberries,broccoli rabe, kale, garlic and herbs.

2015-06-10 15.40.10.jpg
2015-06-10 15.43.41.jpg

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