Farm Update: 1/28/2016

Winter at the Farm

To those driving by, the farm looks quiet in the winter months, but there is lots going on! We are assembling our 2016 growing plan, working through the 2016 operations budget, buying seeds, tending to the animals, discussing the education programming goals for the year, scheduling dates and planning for more exciting events -- and of course taking some time to reflect on what went well in 2015 and how we can do better in 2016.

The greenhouse is full of seedlings and we are growing inside in the winter!

We are pleased to welcome our newest restaurant customer, The Witches Brew from West Hempstead, into our farm-to-kitchen program as we supply them with crispy and delicious winter greens from the hoop house.

Weathering the Storm!

Unfortunately the farm did suffer a significant set back from the great blizzard of 2016. Our year-round hoop house that was full of winter crops suffered a partial collapse overnight on Saturday from a combination of snow weight and heavy winds. Special thanks to Brian Lewis, Carl Prizzi and Stephanie Kane for doing their best to remove the snow and minimize the damage to our hoop house in the middle of the blizzard. We will be having a special fund raiser to help repair and strengthen the hoop house for the near future.

As we got the word out in social media, several in the community responded with donations toward repair or a building replacement. (We are still evaluating the feasibility of repair.) We are most appreciative for the support. If you wish to help financially, please donate!

A New Farm Truck