Farm Update: 1/28/2016

Winter at the Farm

To those driving by, the farm looks quiet in the winter months, but there is lots going on! We are assembling our 2016 growing plan, working through the 2016 operations budget, buying seeds, tending to the animals, discussing the education programming goals for the year, scheduling dates and planning for more exciting events -- and of course taking some time to reflect on what went well in 2015 and how we can do better in 2016.

The greenhouse is full of seedlings and we are growing inside in the winter!

We are pleased to welcome our newest restaurant customer, The Witches Brew from West Hempstead, into our farm-to-kitchen program as we supply them with crispy and delicious winter greens from the hoop house.

Weathering the Storm!

Unfortunately the farm did suffer a significant set back from the great blizzard of 2016. Our year-round hoop house that was full of winter crops suffered a partial collapse overnight on Saturday from a combination of snow weight and heavy winds. Special thanks to Brian Lewis, Carl Prizzi and Stephanie Kane for doing their best to remove the snow and minimize the damage to our hoop house in the middle of the blizzard. We will be having a special fund raiser to help repair and strengthen the hoop house for the near future.

As we got the word out in social media, several in the community responded with donations toward repair or a building replacement. (We are still evaluating the feasibility of repair.) We are most appreciative for the support. If you wish to help financially, please donate!

A New Farm Truck

Board member Brian Lewis and his company Air Conditioning Services continue to amaze us. They are rehabilitating a donated truck and adding a plowing system. This will allow us to respond more quickly to snow events and to improve our transporation logistics.

Our store is (mostly) closed until spring. But we will be doing a monthly Buyers Club through our online portal. There is an order open right now. If you haven't yet joined the buyers club, please click here for more information and to sign up or email us if you have questions. This is a great opportunity to buy healthy food items and natural products at a discount. Your purchase is pooled with other buyers to achieve a measure of bulk pricing. As we move into the spring season you will see fresh produce items added as they become available. Many items in the club are now in stock which means they are instantly available and do not require an aggregated muti-buyer minimum. The in-stock items are now also steeply discouted for winter clearance.

This is the winter schedule for the club:

Order open now; closing February 9th for pick up at the farm on Saturday, February 13th from 9 AM to noon.

Order open February 14th; closing March 8th for pick up the farm on Saturday, March 12th from 9 AM to noon.

Order open March 13th; closing April 12th for pick up the farm on Saturday, April 16th from 9 AM to noon.

Order open April 13th; closing May 10th for pick up the farm on Saturday, May 14th from 9 AM to noon.

Upcoming Events at the Farm

Groundhog Day Breakfast: February 2nd

The farm will once again be hosting a light breakfast immediately following the Groundhog Day ceremony held at the gazebo in the Village. Join the hay wagon for a ride back to the farm and enjoy a hot chocolate and a bagel and catch up with farm staff and volunteers.

Farm Opening Day: May 1st

Details to come!

The Second Annual Crossroads Folk Festival Featuring Tom Chapin: June 12th

We are pleased to announce the date for the second annual Crossroads Folk Festival: June 12th from 1 to 8. The headliner will be Tom Chapin. Tickets will be available soon. Visit the festival web site for more information and join the event on Facebook.

2016 Crossroads Farmers Market

Stay tuned for exciting news on the 2016 farmers market! A new day and a bigger roster of vendors will be announced soon.

Who Runs Crossroads Farm?

The farm is owned by Nassau County and is run by the Nassau Land Trust (a 501(c)(3) non profit) under an operating license with the County. The NLT receives no public funding to support the project and must therefore pay for operations, overhead, and programming through earned income, grants, and donations.

The NLT is comprised of an all-volunteer board and recently elected a new slate of officers: I am now Chairman; Harry Nicolaides is Vice Chairman; Carl Prizzi is Treasurer; and Brian Lewis is Secretary. I also chair the Farm Advisory Committee that directly manages the farm. Brian and Carl and other dedicated volunteers serve on that committee and bring a wealth of expertise to the table, including knowledge of farming, business management, technology, marketing, education, capital projects, and beyond. Read more about the FAC here. For more on the board, please visit the NLT web site.

The success of this effort depends on many hands. Individuals give many hours of their time and expertise.

Want to get more involved in this great asset in our community? Want to bring your professional skill set to bear on making our project stronger? Reach out to me and let me know how you want to get involved. Together we can do great things for Crossroads and for sustainable land conservation in Nassau County.

Click here for more about the Farm in the news.


When you come to an event or buy in the store, you are not only having fun, filling your table with healthy produce, and enjoying one of the most precious assets in our community, but you are also supporting the farm financially. We receive no financial support from Nassau County, nor do we receive any public funding. Please help support your local organic farm!

Volunteering at Crossroads Farm

The project at Crossroads depends on volunteers. Volunteers come from our community in Nassau County and beyond. This is truly a group effort. Folks get involved and give of their time to make the farm a better, stronger place. But they also come to be part of a larger purpose and to feel personal and social fulfillment. And there are many ways to lend a hand. We will help tailor your experience to suit your ability, interests, and skill sets. We have over 200 registered volunteers. If you haven't volunteered, think about attending one of our orientations. Help grow our project and help grow local organic food! Click here for more information.

All of us look forward to seeing you around the farm!

With gratitude,

Rick White, NLT, Farm Advisory Committee, Chair

Leonore Russell, Education Director Stephanie Kane, Greenhouse Manager Judi Consigli, Operations Manager Danielle Phair, Famstand Coordinator

Crossroads Farm at Grossmann's 480 Hempstead Avenue Malverne, NY 11565 516-881-7900

Click here for our volunteer sign-up sheet.

A stewardship project of the Nassau Land Trust

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