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1) Maya Cullen-Conyers is passionate about bees and pollinators. Maya's Gold Award Project raised awareness of pollinators and their vital importance to our food supply, humans and our planet.  She conducted Pollinator Garden Workshops teaching simple ways each of us in the community can help save bees.  With the help of her Advisor, Leonore Russell, Crossroads Farm's Education Director, Maya built a raised pollinator garden at the farm, planting it from seed using native plants that pollinators will enjoy for years to come. She promoted pollinator conservation by teaching workshop participants about building their own pollinator gardens. 

Maya conducted her Pollinator Garden Workshops in the Summer of 2023.

Check out some highlights of Maya's Gold Award Pollinator Garden Workshops here 


1) Troop #1426 Self-Guided Walking Tour: Troop #1426 wanted to highlight areas of the farm for visitors who stroll through on their own without the guidance of farm staff.  They created a self-guided walking tour for eleven areas of the farm. At each area, visitors can pull up educational content related to that particular spot using a QR code.  This is a fun way to encourage the community to visit the farm and learn about the different areas as well as get inspiration for home projects. 

This Silver Award was unveiled during the farm’s Opening Day Fundraiser in May, 2022.  

2) Troop # 2325 - Puppet Theatre with Puppets: After volunteering as puppeteers at Crossroads Farm's Opening Day in 2021, Troop #2325 saw an opportunity to contribute a more permanent teaching component to the farm's education programs and events.

The girls built a puppet theater and made beautiful puppets to be housed at the farm.  Today, the puppet theatre and its puppets are built in to several girl scouts badges and farm events.  

Their project was unveiled during the Farm's Barnyard Dance Fundraiser in October, 2021. 


For more information on booking our Education Programs for your school or organization, contact us at or call Delia, Education Coordinator, at (516) 967-5058

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