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The Farm-based Education Program at Crossroads Farm 

 Our experiential education program introduces children and adults to the world of nature and invites all to join in the activities that make the farm grow. Our education program is unique because we offer a hands-on experiential learning experience during every visit. We strive to help cultivate a connection between people and nature that will be a seed for a lifetime of learning and a confidence in growing food and landscapes.

Our Education Programs

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1. Sunshine Days & Young Farmers Farm-based Education Programs

Sunshine Days is a farm-based education program geared for children ages 4 - 6 and their caregiver. These programs run in six sessions once or twice weekly in Spring, Summer and Fall. The sessions are balanced between exploration of plants, insects and wildlife on the farm. This includes planting seeds and seedlings, nurturing those plants and finally harvesting and preparing and sharing a salad. Other activities include art, painting, mosaics, storytelling and movement.

Young Farmers is an education program for children ages 7 - 11. The activities are farm based as well as the arts, storytelling, tie-dying, painting, and puppetry.  The planting activities follow the seasons. Topics may include composting, worm farms, bee-keeping, and herbs all explored with our on-hand experts.

To view current program details and to register, click the button below.


2. Schools

Crossroads farm-based education programs offer tours, classes and activities for children, students, colleges and other adult groups. Meeting the needs of the farm in the different seasons provides experiences in nature that enhance school curricula as well as life learning by growing food, wildlife observation and the arts and crafts. The visits begin with a history of the farm and a tour, followed by hands-on activities tailored to the interests of the group.

We serve both public and private schools with our Sow to Grow Program (from seeding to harvesting) as well as age appropriate programs such as Sunshine Days for 4-6 year old children, Young Farmers  (7-11 years), Girl and Boy Scout Troops with projects, badges and over-nights (see "Scouts"). We provide college groups with a variety of topics and farm experiences (see “Colleges”).


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3. Scouts

Crossroads Farm is a Program Partner with the Girl Scouts of Nassau County and offers the following programs. We also work with the Boy Scouts and can customize programs to fit any Girl Scout or Boy Scout troop needs. 

Programs run for 90 minutes to 2 hours.


4. Colleges

Enjoy experiential learning opportunities to engage intellectually, creatively, emotionally, socially, and physically. The visit starts with an introduction to the farm history, a walk in the fields and is followed by all participate in a seasonal farm chore. By engaging students in hands-on experiences and reflection, they are better able to connect theories and knowledge learned in the classroom to real-world situations. Topics include sustainability, organic farming, food justice, nutrition, food waste, composting, soil health, grassroots initiatives, stewardship, not–for-profit organizational structure, creative writing, and artistic expression. Interested in your own research? Let us know.

We personalize the visit to topics of interest to students and professors.  Students consistently attest that their experiences at the Farm are gratifying and highly educative.


5. Tours/Visits

Tours and Visits can be scheduled by the Education Department upon request.


Summer 2021 Sunshine Days Program

"Thank you for all of the lovely experiences and time here on the farm. Sunshine Days really carried us through the pandemic. Thank you for grounding us and providing structure." 

Supervisor - Malverne Afterschool Center 2021

"The children had a great time seeing and learning about all the plants, even weeding! They loved transplanting their own basil plants to take home. Thank you for a great adventure!"

Scout Program -Troop 2233

"Thank you once again for running a well organized, fun and educational program. It was engaging and educative. The girls had a great time and I'm confident that they have learned so much from this experience. You went above and beyond expectations for today's feast, we had a great time. Hope to see you over the summer!"

Summer 2021 Sunshine Days Program

"We        you guys!!!"

Fall 2020 Program

"Yes! We loved it! The teachers were wonderful"

Summer 2020 Program

"We loved all the hands-on projects like pickles & flower bouquets."

Dr. Emily Kang - Adelphi College of Education and Health Science Professor and Associate Dean

"I have brought my students to Crossroads Farm for many years now. The education program is stellar: students receive background on the farm's history as well as its importance in promoting open space stewardship in an increasingly urbanized area.  Students then assist with farm work tasks such as planting, weeding and feeding the sheep and goats a piece or two of kale. All love the experience and ask about returning as volunteers. As one student (who doesn't really like to go outside) put it: "I need to come back and volunteer here - this is good for me."

For more information on booking educational tours, classes, and workshops email us at or call Delia - Education Coordinator at (516) 967-5058 

Crossroads Farm is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for our children and their adult supervisors during our outdoor experiential learning. In light of the recent COVID-19 health crisis, our staff will make safety our first priority by following mandatory and recommended best practices from the CDC, EPA and NYS Reopening guidelines while continuing to provide stimulating, interactive learning experiences for our guests. Our farm is an inviting, restorative and special place. 

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